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Stethoscope Covers

Make your stethoscope stand out from the crowd and protect your investment, not to mention your neck by using a stethoscope cover. They are easy to put on and take off. The bottom end is knitted in a ribbed pattern and stretches to 3 1/2 in.  The top is 4 1/2 in.  The total length is 22 in.  Velcro pieces are sewn in the center of the top to latch the cover to keep it from sliding off. Their purpose is to keep the tubing of a stethoscope clean and to keep things from sticking to it. This stethoscope cover is made from washable yarn.  It is recommended to wash by hand and lie flat to dry.  Below are some designs I have done.  It is your cover, I will make it to your design!

22 in long unless more length is requested.

velcro fasteners on inside


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Stethoscope Cover
Stethoscope Cover
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design description