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Fantastic Knits -About Me

After losing my lung to cancer in 1997, I decided I needed to make a change in my career.  I had been a hairdresser for 30 yrs. but could not return to the environment. 

  • I needed a challenge and took a course in Web Design.  Thus I created the site JS Web Connections and have been creating web sites from home. 
  • I have always loved to knit and play golf and knitted myself and a few friends covers.  I began knitting and designing golf club covers to sell on-line.
  • Always loving to look good and use make-up, I thought why not create a site for beauty products, entitled Personally Pink.
  • A friend needing a stethoscope created another challenge and I created a cover for her and thus the Stethoscope design.
  • Who could pass up knitting for Small Treasures.  I love doing the hats and making special items for Baby Showers.  If you have a custom order call me I am sure I have a pattern!!

     I have always enjoyed trying to help and please others and hope you enjoy my products and services.

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My BFF Princes (RIP)


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